What is "Slow Fashion"?

What is "Slow Fashion"?

Lets start with the term- Fast Fashion. Fast Fashion is a term used by retailers, designers, and conscience shoppers to describe a phenomenon and business model that most popular retailers utilize. It describes when a company imitate styles and trends seen on the runways at fashion week and recreate them at a much lower price and quality to sell to the mass market. It is a term we use at Fringe & Flair to describe items being mass produced. 

Many designers are pushing back against the pressure to deliver new products at a quick pace. Alessandro Michele, the designer of Gucci is one to embrace the idea of "slow fashion" and all that come along with it. In his notes for his show in Milan, he told those who attended, “Resist the mantra of speed that violently leads to losing oneself. Resist the illusion of something new at any cost.” That’s a message plenty of up-and-coming designers are spreading, too. Often they’re blowing off traditional retail schedules and creating staples made to last and, often times, available year-round.

At Fringe & Flair, we are out to embrace slow fashion and support all the makers!

Slow Fashion is the movement of designing, creating, and buying garments for quality and longevity. It encourages slower production schedules, fair wages, lower carbon footprints, and (ideally) zero waste. There is a transparency about the production processes for each maker. We are hoping to educate and inspire our customers about the craft of making clothing, we hope consumers will begin to understand what is required of producing a well-made garment. We all have bought that "fast fashion" piece that just fell apart after one wear. We are bringing those items that are handmade in someone's garage to the 27 year old designer making her own feminism inspired tees; ones that will not fall apart after you wear it a few times. 

We want to take the time to thank all those makers and doers out there. The ones crafting these garments for our shop! Fringe & Flair thanks the brands who decided to give us the opportunity to work with you and carry your line. 

Karacotta https://www.karacotta.com

DazeLA https://www.dazeyla.com

East + West http://eastnwestlabel.com

I'm With The Band https://im-with-the-band.com

Imani Collective https://imanicollective.com

Lilly & Oak https://www.lillyandoak.com

Loup https://louponline.com

Neva Opet https://nevaopet.com

Vaalbara Designs https://www.vaalbaradesigns.com

XIX Palms https://www.xixpalms.com

Miracle Eye https://shopmiracleeye.com







Image courtesy of BBC Hughes War On Waste

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